Retail-Consultancy ​

Retail Consultancy

We help a wide range of business conceptualise, construct, and compete in the retail sector by opening a new retail shop at Aarkay Innovations.

Retailers and brands from India’s diverse areas make up our customer. Our work focuses on allowing our clients to make the best decisions possible – from strategy to implementation, value delivery, and strategic collaborations.

We have a capable team with years of combined expertise in a variety of industries, locations, and economic conditions. We use this to offer value to our clients’ businesses and gain a competitive advantage. We put the customer at the centre of decision-making and bring an intriguing outside-in point of view, essential for success in a hyper-competitive industry, fueled by our deep expertise of the retail sector and backed by experiences of Indian shoppers.

Franchise Start-up Expertise

Are you considering starting your own franchise or expanding an existing one? Aarkay Innovations, with its comprehensive services supplied by a professional team of franchise specialists, is the appropriate place to consult no matter what stage of your business you’re in. In the realm of franchise consulting, Aarkay Innovations has carved out a space for itself. We are a group of professionals that can answer your questions regarding franchising, success, dangers, and operations, as well as how to find a path to success in the midst of it all. We, at Aarkay Innovations, work with a variety of franchisors and franchisees to assist brands in expanding more quickly.

We also locate potential franchisees and arrange one-on-one meetings with customers and investors to assist them in selecting the right franchise brand. 

Franchise-Start-up Expertise