We are a 30+ year experienced company based in Chandigarh & New Delhi providing retail, wholesale, distribution, & warehousing solutions in North India to various brands/companies across a wide spectrum of industries like Garments & Accessories, Electronics, Mobiles & Accessories, Food & Beverage etc.

We are a growth driver firm with experience in strengthening brands through increased market penetration, planning strategic offline presence, handpicking & appointing channel partners, managing micro level geography based issues & other custom solutions by mapping the brand requirements with the market nuances. We provide experienced brand representation, and set-up solutions for your brands to increase their chances of success by a factor of two.

On the other side we provide business opportunities to prospective investors, retailers & wholesalers, leasing & zoning solutions to property owners etc. based on their background, property & investment scope, & other factors thereby bridging the gap to forge sustainable partnerships.

Our Core Values


Instilling trust through accepting responsibility, acting ethically, and fostering open and honest discussion.

Respect & Value

Individual respect entails valuing variety, creating an engaging and inclusive atmosphere, and treating others as we would like to be treated.

Client Value Creation

Improving the business value of our clients through enhanced performance, long-term win-win relationships, and an emphasis on execution excellence.

Our Services

Retail Consultancy

With our extensive experience in retail & wholesale in North India for over 30 years, we help entrepreneurs & property owners to set up & grow Retail/Wholesale stores targeted at maximising Sales and thus the ROI, by studying & analysing the available property/market trends/ location/ clientele/ investment scope, etc.

We provide customised solutions both to prospective new businesses as well as to existing businesses looking to grow and  restructure including –
* Identifying opportunities & upcoming markets
* Shortlisting & negotiating property commercials
* Exploring opportunities across various National & Regional Brands in diverse verticals like Garments & Accessories, Electronics, Mobiles & Accessories, Food & Beverage, etc.
* Analysing & comparing the opportunities and their Return on Investment scope
* Negotiating most suitable commercials with the Brands
* Planning interiors & layouts, finalizing vendors and pricing, supervision at the implementation stage
* Guidance in picking/developing Point of Sale (POS) IT solutions, Planning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, reports & tax compliance generation, etc
* Planning store launch, localised media & advertisement activities, festival & New Year activities etc

Franchise & Distribution Start-up Expertise

Having being associated with various Multi-National Companies (MNC’s) in different fields & capacities over the years, and having opened over 100 retail doors across North India for various brands, we bring to the table Franchise Start-up Expertise like no else does.

We provide end-to-end Services both to the Brands looking to expand and franchise as well as to budding entrepreneurs looking to start/grow their business including –

* Working closely with the Brands to understand their products/services & its relevance in the targeted markets
* Developing & Implementing the franchise plan & T&C based on the regional nuances
* Identifying Distributors/Agents & Developing Distribution/CNF Network as per Brand needs
* Sales & viability mapping, identifying & selecting locations and franchisees based on the Brand ideology
* Interiors implementation & Project Launch Activities

We hereby act as a link between the Brand and the Franchisee for a Win-Win situation for both parties by ensuring efficiencies in business, ensuring Brand Compliances, micro-managing any issues, helping in dispute resolution, thereby forging sustainable partnerships.

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Leasing & Management Solutions for Shopping Complex/Malls

In today’s age, with excess supply of commercial properties & complexes in North India and with many more in pipeline, the success of the same hugely depends on getting the right Leasing/Management Partner onboard who plans apt zoning as per customers convenience & needs which generates walk-ins and hence maximises value for the property owner.

We provide personalized Leasing Solutions to existing as well as upcoming Shopping Complex & Mall owners including –

* Studying neighbourhood markets, competitive malls etc and devising a strategy/format for the property
* Suggestions in project layout, architecture etc on the basis of the brand requirements etc
* Identifying & Signing Brands & Concepts and allocating apt space to them
* Negotiating Lease/Minimum Guarantee & Revenue-Share contracts with franchisees/Brands
* Proper Planning & Zoning of the Complex/Malls which suits the clientele and promotes walk-ins
* Continuously evolving with the market trends, and evaluating the retail concepts
* Planning activities/experiences to maximize footfalls & conversions

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